Those of you who have been waiting for years for the continuation of Ben and Fran’s story can relax–the book is written, and will be published November 2010.

However, it will not be a young adult book–it will be part of my adult Dark One series, published under the Katie MacAlister name, so it won’t be suitable for readers who aren’t comfortable with the sensuality level in my adult books. The title of the new book is In the Company of Vampires.


Look what I just found in my inbox! It’s the cover for the new Ben and Fran omnibus!


Since the original Ben and Fran books have been out of print for a couple of years, NAL is also reprinting the first two Ben and Fran books an omnibus volume–Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend will contain the full text of both Got Fangs? and Circus of the Darned.

This book will be released simultaneously with the new Ben and Fran book, so expect it to hit bookshelves Nov. 2010 as well.

If you have questions about all the omnibus, feel free to swing by the Katie Mac Community. Everyone there is very friendly, and can help sort out any confusion you may have over which book is which.

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